Business Cards photograph by Robin Foster. May 2, 2011

Does your stack of business cards look like this?  Find yourself shuffling through a stack like this to find the contact info for the new friend you met at a recent conference?  Now you can carry all your businesses cards with you right in the palm of your hand with a mobile app called CamCard Lite.

CamCard Lite is a business card reader that captures an image of your business cards and stores the contact information in your mobile contacts or in your Gmail account.  I downloaded CamCard Lite from the Android Market and now I have eliminated my stack of business cards and the time it takes to sift through them.
In addition to saving the contact information on business cards, CamCard Lite will:
  • save information on double-sided business cards
  • export to Excel
  • send a LinkedIn invitation
  • store the enhanced business card image in a virtual card holder

This video demonstration will help walk you through the steps for capturing the information from your stack of business cards:


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