Use your Facebook account to create a special meeting place for your family to meet in one place online no matter where they live. You may have already seen these pages created by businesses and famous people. Even if you are now personally logged into Facebook, sharing your family history research online makes it easier for extended family members to discover and connect with you. Facebook pages show up high in Google and other search engines.


Here are a few examples of Facebook pages:

About Our Freedom Community Page: Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War from an African American perspective.

Preserving Our History in Tangipahoa & St. Helena Parish, Louisiana: Families sharing photos and history.

Over Troubled Water: Strengthening the ties between all African ancestored people.

The greatest thing about Facebook pages is that they do not show the random posts which appear in your news feed, however, your posts from the community page do appear in your news feed for your friends and family to see. Facebook pages allow you to create a community where you can focus on discovering, sharing, and preserving family history.

As family members and friends share photographs, video, and news in their from across the country, bonds are strengthened. Facebook in particular is the perfect place to reach the young members in the family.

Create a Facebook Page

This is the first in a series of articles on how to create a Facebook Community Page where extended family members can share resources and keep in touch. Think of a title for your Facebook page and got to Create a Page. Select the page type. Most family pages can be classified as a Community Page.


Create a Facebook Page

After selecting Cause or Community, enter the name of your page, agree to Facebook terms, and click “Get started.”


Select Community

Next, the “Get Started” page loads, and you will see the first six things needed to set up your new page:


Getting Started

The first item is “Upload an image from your computer.” In the next post we will walk you through creating a great profile photo and uploading it to your Facebook page.

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