Most folks do not know that you do not have to be stuck with a tiny profile photo on your Facebook profile nor on your Facebook fan page. Here are a few examples that I have created for my own profile and pages and for other people too:



You can use other programs to create a layered photo that is the proper dimensions. Here are the steps I follow to create my own profile photo using Photoshop Elements: (click on screenshots to see full view).


1. Create a canvas 200 X 600.



2. Drop a color onto the background.
3. Open a logo or profile photo file, and drag it on top of your background. Notice the bottom right corner of the screenshot. You will see both layers there. This is the beauty of working with Photoshop. You can create different effects on any layer you chose.


4. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw a rectangle. Pick a color from the profile photo or logo and fill the rectangle.
5.  Next, I added a photo on top of the layer that I colored.


6.  Next, I added some text.


7.  Save the file as a .jpg, and you are ready to upload it either as your personal profile, or as a fan page personal profile.


In the next article we will review the basic settings for your fan page.


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