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Emigrants to Liberia by the Barque Chieftan from Savannah, GA, Feb 14, 1850 for Sinou, Liberia

On February 14, 1850, 167 African Americans set sail for Sinou, Liberia from Savannah, Georgia aboard the Barque Chieftan. Of the 167 passengers 154 had been emancipated by the will of Major Jacob Wood, of Darien, Georgia. Their names and family relationships were preserved in the list of passengers below, excerpted from the book The African Repository, digitized by Google Books. Accompanying them were 8 free African Americans and 5 formerly enslaved people which the American Colonization Society had purchased in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Source Citation:  American Colonization Society. 1850 “Emigrants to Liberia by the Barque Chieftan from Savannah, GA, February 14, 1850 for Sinou, Liberia.” The African Repository Vol. 26, pp. 107-110. Published by the American Colonization Society, Digitized by Google Books 18 Sep 2006, accessed 5 Mar 2007. Full text available online at Google Books.

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