to Digitize SC Estate Inventories and Bills of Sale in a Free Collection

Please Volunteer to Index These Records to Make Them Searchable!

Newly Digitized Records Preserve the Names of More Than 30,000 Slaves –

     We are very excited to announce a collaboration with, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, FamilySearch and Lowcountry Africana, to digitize every surviving estate inventory for Colonial and Charleston South Carolina from 1732 to 1872, as well as selected Bills of Sale for the same period, in a FREE collection!

     Charlestons role as a port of entry during the Atlantic Slave Trade means many thousands of African Americans may have ancestors who came from, or through, South Carolina. This new collection on will assist African American genealogy research by forming, in many cases, a seamless paper trail from Emancipation to the 1700s.

     When the project is complete, the names of more than 30,000 enslaved ancestors from Charleston and surrounding counties will be restored to history in a free online collection, preserved for generations to come. The South Carolina Department of Archives and History holds the original records and has provided access to them and given their kind permission to place them on the Internet, FamilySearch International donated the copies of the microfilms to be digitized, contributed the time and expense to digitize the films and host the collection, and we in the research community can index the records to make them fully searchable … MORE

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