Georgetown, SC Voter Registrations, Hope Chapel Election Precinct, 1868

Source: South Carolina, Secretary of State, Records Deposited with the Secretary. Abstracts of Voter Registrations Reported to the Military Government, 1868. South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Record Group 213000, Series No. S 213103.

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Allston, William Allen

Alston, S.P.

Alston, Charles P.


Allston, March

Ankrum, Robert

Allston, David

Allston, Abram Belin

Allston, John

Allston, Thomas

Allston, Joe

Allston, Sarah

Allston, Frank

Allston, Cupid

Allston, Mitchell

Allston, Samuel

Allston, Stephen

Allston, James

Allston, Snow

Allston, Simon

Allston, Edward

Adams, Joe

Allston, Sam

Allston, Jack

Allston, John

Allston, Charles

Allston, Tucker

Allston, Anthony


Betts, Charles


Brown, Ben 1st

Becket, Hammond

Brown, Ben 2nd

Bacot, Johnnie?

Bryan, Paul

Brown, George


Brown, Carolina

Bruce, Primus

Brown, Harry

Blake, Adam

Blake, Cudjoe

Bruce, Daniel

Becket, Cesar

Belin, Deliverance

Butler, Cuffee

Booky, Frank

Bunch, Will

Belin, Bram

Becket, Lazarus

Brockington, Jim

Bowens, Mingo

Brockington, Jack

Bowen, Prince

Bruce, Will

Benjamin, Cato

Barker, Jim

Burnito, Bram

Brown, Titus Sr.

Burnito, Jack

Brown, Titus Jr.

Bruce, Prince

Bruce, Laban

Brockington, Cato

Blackwell, Neptune

Burrows, Watis

Becket, Richard

Beauford, Sande

Brookins, Philip

Bruce’ Lot

Blake, Joseph

Button, Simons

Belin, Alfred

Blake, Anthony

Busard, Esau


Brown, Myers

Bee, Welcome

Benjamin, Sam

Barham, Cesar

Ball, Nat

Bennet, Mazarine

Brownfield, Jim

Bacot, Michael

Bull, Frederick

Butler, Alick

Bull, Cesar

Belin, Tommy

Blake, Frederick

Burrows, Ned

Burrows, Thomas

Brown, Paul

Brown, Jacob

Burrows, Cie

Bones, Anthony

Bryan, Gabriel

Brown, Wolly

Bruington, Ben

Bill, Cato

Brockington, Peter

Brockington, Simon

Brown, Stephney

Byrd, Cyrus

Bonneau, Sam

Beckett, Randall

Baidie, Cato


Collins, Robert

Cogdell, Israel

Colleton, Job

Conyers, Sam

Cooper, John


Cohen, Sancho

Carr, Israel

Cashaw, Isaac

Cashaw, Nicky

Carr, John

Carr, Bedford

Carr, Edward E.

Carr, Toney

Carr, Ephraim

Carr, Jimmy

Carr, Brutus

Cinder, David

Camel, Cassin

Colonel, April

Cohen, Jack

Callice, Fortune

Cashaw, John

Chisolm, Cesar

Chisolm, Hector

Chisolm, William

Coard, Cato

Conyers, Jim

Champlin, Hippel

Cohen, Will

Curtain, William

Clinton, Jacob

Clinton, Virgil

Carr, Stephney


Denison, Limerick

Days, Daniel

Days, Toney

Days, Sanders

Doctor, Abel

Doctor, Francis

Dixon, John

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Days, Scip

Darb, Mitchel

Day, Price

Drayton, Andrew

Dines, Alick

Drayton, Andrew

Drayton, Caleb

Doctor, June

Dunmore, Primus

Davis, Paul

Days, Vitriol

Days, Andrew

Dereef, Thedore

Days, Miller

Drayton, Gilbert

Drayton, Jim

Drayton, Israel

Drayton, Frank

Darrell, Jacob

Dunkins, Guy


Edwards, Ben

Emily, Zelius

Emily, Philander

Eliot, Sam

Ellis, Sampson


Flagg, Arthur B.

Ford, W.H.


Ford, Aaron

Frost, Dingo

Fraser, David

Fraser, Tom

Fraser, Oliver

Fraser, Isaac


Forsyth, John

Fraser, July

Fraser, Isaiah

Fraser, Will

Funny, Davy

Funny, Cuffee

Funny, Virgil

Funny, July

Fraser, Abraham

Ford, Stephney

Farewell, Washington

Ford, George

Funny, Marcus

Funny, Morris

Funny, Joe

Farewll, Mitchell

Ferguson, Esop

Fiall, March

Funny, Alfred

Funny, John

Frazer, Oliver

Frazer, Cain

Funny, Putnam

Frazer, Isaac


Green, G.W.

Grier, L.A.


Givins, Israel

Gadson, Dick

Gibson, Shiloh

Gadson, Johnny

Gailliard, Sam

Goff, Jack

Gailliard, James

Garret, Henry

Great, Friday


Gibbs, Prince

Green, Marcus

Great, Isaiah

Gracy, Frank

Grant, Charles

Great, Paris

Gibson, Francis

Grant, Brister

Gadson, Brutus

Great, Quaco

Grant, Joe

Grant, Zie

Great, Centy

Gibson, Knowledge

Gibson, Charles

Gibson, Jack

Gibbs, George

Grant, Hilton

Green, Joe

Gadson, Cyrus

Gardner, Cuffee

Green, Tommy

Gibbs, Abraham

Gibbs, John

Green, Frank

Gregg, Johnny

Gito, Jim

Goff, Guy

Grimage, Richmond

Grant, John

Great, Frederick

Gourdin, Cain

Grant, Jimmy

Gibbs, Cesar

Gourdin, Ben

Gourdin, Thomas

Gary, Washington

Grier, Cuffee


Gibbs, Brister

Guff, Saby

Green, Scipio

Grant, Jacob

Gary, George

Great, Chance

Gailliard, William

Gourdin, Cyphax

General, Robert

Goback, Aaron

Grant, August

Governor, Davis

Grant, Esau

Grant, Sam

Goddard, Jim

Green, London

Gailliard, Summer

Gordon, James

Gould, Samuel

Godfrey, Frank

Godford, Harry

Gadson, Joe

Green, Joseph

Green, Saby

Glover, Tom

Gibson, Moses

Great, Gabriel

Green, Toney

Great, Jackson

Green, Flander

Grant, June

Gordon, Primus

Grant, Joe

Green, Ben

Gadri, Toney

Green, Joseph

Gibson, Isaac

Grant, Daniel

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Gadson, John

Greene, Primus

Gaiscy?, Munroe

Gibson, Toney

Great, Paris

Gillard, Napoleon

Gregg, Dandy

Grissett, Peter


Hooks, Harry

Huger, Toney

Hasell, Frank

Hopkins, Samuel

Hunt, Jesse

Hamilton, Tommy

Horry, Paul

Holmes, Shurance

Hasell, Joe

Hasell, Lee

Horry, Paris

Herriot, Daniel

Hamilton, Jervis

Haynes, March

Holmes, Anthony

Harlee, Daniel

Herriot, Jacob

Hollington, Abram

Horry, Divine

Heyward, Joe

Hull, Matthew

Huger, Ben

Harry, Daniel

Hopkins, James

Hasell, Henry

Huger, Dennis

Heyward, Elias

Holmes, Sampson


Haywood, Bozy

Howard, Titus

Hutchison, Harry

Howard, John

Hollington, Prince

Hollington, Daniel

Hasell, Brass

Holmes, Richard


Ivins, Andrew

Irons, John

Irons, Moses

Izard, Tom

Irons, John

Irons, Primus

Irons, Brown


Johnson, Daniel

Johnson, James

Johnson, Scipio

Jenkins, Sunday

Jenkins, James

Joby, Anthony

Jackson, Frank

Jordan, Adam

Johnson, Peter

Johnson, Scipio

Johnson, Floyd

Johnson, Footy

Judge, Mingo

Jones, Billy

Jenkins, Nat

James, Gibb

Jenkins, Frank

Johnson, Gibbs

Johnson, Prince


Jenkins, Jeffry

Jordon, Henry

Johnson, Gilbert

Jordan, Adam

Johnson, Floyd

Johnson, Ben

Johnson, Billy

Johnson, Isaac

Johnson, Isaac Sr.

Johnson, Peru

Jones, Abram

Johnson, Davis

Jones, William

Johnson, Hughes

Jenkin, John

Jordan, Lewis


Keith, Sauney

Knox, Gabriel

Keith, Solomon

Kinloch, Nat

Knox, Pompey

Kinloch, Cato

Kelly, Tommy

King, August

Keith, Joe

Knox, Calice

Keith, Tom

Keith, Wilson

Knox, agrippa

Kieth, Guy

Kidd, George


LaBruce, John

Lance, Lucian C.

La Bruce, Joshua W.


Lance, Thomas

Lance, Tyler

Lowry, Ishmael

Lino, March

Ladson, James

Lance, Ned

Ladson, Agrippa

Lawyer, Faith

Lawyer, Glasco

Lawyer, Joe

Lino, John

Larino, Pompey

Lino, August

Lucas, Billy

Ladson, Jack

Lowry, Prince

Ladson, January

Lucas, John

Lance, Pompey

Lance, Davy

Lance, George

Lance, Peter

Lafayette, Ned

Lance, Ned Sr.

Ladson, Snow

Lachiotte, Henry

Lindsay, Eli

Lindsey, James

Lance, Edward


Mazyck, Wm. St. J.

Magill, John D.

Magill, W.J.

Mortimer, Thomas H.


Morgan, Isaac

Meddlesome, Frederick

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Maybanks, Alick

Maybanks, Jack

Mitchel, Bram

Maybanks, Jim

Maybanks, Zie

Major, Alick

Murrell, York

Moultrie, Romeo

McKnight, Harry

McCant, Charles

Murrell, Jack

Mention, Ned

Murrell, Jack Sr.

Micheaux, Thomas

Murrell, Bob

Moultrie, Jose

McKnight, Alick

Moultrie, Mingo

Moultrie, Paul

Moore, Peter

Myers, George

Mazyck, Ned

McCall, Jacob

McCant, Jim

McCant, Sike

McDaniel, Trim

Morgan, Toney

McKensie, Owen

Micheaux, York

McCants, Aaron

Martin, Tom

Murrell, Minus

Middleton, Monday

Martin, Vitriol

Martin, John

Mack, Pompey

Martin, Joseph

Munro, Wallace


Mazyck, Johnny

Mazyck, March

Micheaux, Alick

Mitchel, Cupid

McNeil, March

McNeil, Peter

Mitchel, Peter

McDowell, York

Magett, Dick

McDaniel, Cyrus

Manigault, Ben

Myers, Nicholas

Moultrie, Stephney


Nesbit, R.H.

Nesbit, Ralph


Noble, Cuffee

Nesbit, Will

Nesbit, Tom

Nejer, Liverpool

Nesby, Quashey

Nelson, Tom


Pernneau, Henry

Peronneau, E.C.


Price, Daniel

Price, Stephen

Pralo, Primus

Prior, Marion

Prior, Thomas


Pyatt, Jim

Pickett, William

Pinckney, Moses

Pinckney, John

Pinckney, Robin

Pinckney, Billy

Point, Esau

Pinckney, Stephen

Parker, George

Parker, William

Palmer, Stephney

Pyatt, Isaac

Pyatt, Jack

Pyatt, Francis

Price, Ned

Parker, Jack

Pino, Jackson

Pino, Jacob

Prior, Cyphax

Pinckney, Dandy

Poinset, Andser F.

Porter, Richard

Prior, Ned

Pyatt, Jacob

Polite, Sam

Pyatt, Thomas

Patterson, Daniel

Pino, Hamilton

Price, Joseph


Rutledge, Solomon

Robinson, Tom

Rutledge, Daniel

Rutledge, James

Road, Primus

Road, Hardtimes

Rutledge, Titus

Rutledge, Joe

Rice, Will

Rutledge, Footy

Read, Cook

Road, Frebruary

Rutledge, Cain

Reese, Charles

Reest, John

Read, Chubby

Russell, Peter

Rily, Cupid

Richardson, Vitriol

Ricket, Fortune

Robison, Merit

Russell, Jim

Read, Joe

Road, Andrew

Road, Plenty

Road, London

Robison, Daniel

Robison, Archy

Rutledge, Harry

Rutledge, Jack

Rutledge, Cain


Singleton, J.P.


Small, Sam

Snipe, Moody

Snipe, Scipio

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Sergeant, Joseph

Small, London

Silcox, Cato

Shirrill, Robert

Shirrill, May

Shirrill, Lewis

Shubrick, Cesar

Spencer, Geoffrey

Shirrill, Bram

Small, Robert

Singleton, James

Small, Peter

Snipe, Harry

Small, Footy

Small, Prince

Shubrick, Isaac

Small, Tommy

Summer, Gideon

Small, Moses

Shirrill, Stephen

Sands, Francis

Smith, Sambo

Small, George

Shaw, Toby

Small, Toney

Singleton, Billy

Steele, Joe

Small, Robert

Stuart, Robert

Singleton, Alick

Saxby, Sandy

Sindab, Richard


Saxby, Hill

Smith, Carolina

Small, Forester

Small, Prince

Singleton, Stephney

Saxby, Daniel

Singleton, George

Steele, Ben

Small, Joseph F.

Shaw, Cuffee

Small, Elias

Small, Zebadee

Small, Sancho

Snowhite, John

Singleton, Abraham

Stuart, Simon

Small, Liverpool

Sumter, Morris

Sumter, Josh

Small, James

Small, Finnie

Sriven, John

Seabrook, Ferdinand

Spenser, Richard

Small, Bob

Simmons, John

Sparkman, Hardtimes

Small, James Sr.

Singleton, Hardtime

Small, Andrew

Small, Hammond

Sumter, John

Sanders, Bob

Stuart, Romulus

Stuart, Carolina


Scriven, Ben

Simmons, Amos

Scriven, Peter

Singleton, Willis

Stuart, Tom

Small, Toney

Swinton, Nelson

Singleton, Johnny

Small, Josie

Sommers, Thomas

Small, Michael


Tilton, C.M.

Tucker, Wm. Hyrne

Tilton, T.W.


Thomas, John

Tarry, Hector

Thomas, Simon

Taylor, Daniel

Thomas, Henry

Toomer, April

Toomer, Flander

Toomer, Jacob

Tucker, Renty

Trapier, Paul

Thompson, Harry

Timman, Will

Thompson, Sam


Vanderhorst, Hamlet

Vereen, Charles

Verdie, Cato

Vereen, Jesse

Velui?, Henry

Vereene, Bob


Wiggins, C.C.

Ward, B. Huger

Ward, Joshua


Ward, Philip

Wright, Cash

Weston, Bony

White, Daniel

White, Isaac

Weston, Joseph

White, Anthony

Wineglass, Trumpeter

Wragg, Jimmy

White, Damon

Walker, Wilsha

White, Abram

White, John

Williams, Sinclair

Wright, Windsor

Wineglass, Scipio

Wineglass, Laurens

Washington, Gabriel

White, John

Walker, Cyrus

Wigfall, Amos

White, Jonas

Wyatt, Frederick

White, Nat

Washington, Duke

Wilson, Abram

White, Cuffee

White, Hercules

Wilson, Toby

Washington, Abram

White, Spain

Wragg, Moses

Wilson, Alick

Wineglass, Glascow



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