Georgetown, SC Voter Registrations, Old Church Club House Precinct, 1868

Source: South Carolina, Secretary of State, Records Deposited with the Secretary. Abstracts of Voter Registrations Reported to the Military Government, 1868. South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Record Group 213000, Series No. S 213103.

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Allston, Sampson

Allston, Jack

Allston, Boston

Allston, Kent

Allston, Joseph

Anderson, Nelson

Atkinson, Thomas


Brown, Peter

Bryan, Sampson

Brown, Solomon

Bryan, Paul

Bennett, Hector

Brown, Toney

Brown, John

Burns, Edward

Brown, Joseph

Butler, Kent

Bennett, Peter

Brown, Paul

Bailey, Nat

Butler, Simon

Bennett, Walter

Brave, Charles

Buggs, David

Bright, October

Brown, Pompey

Bright, London

Bee, August

Bentfort, Benjamin

Barrow, Thomas


Coachman, Francis G.


Chisolm, Andrew

Castle, Daniel

Clinton, George

Chisolm, Thomas

Cokesum, Paul

Chisolm, Ishmael

Clinton, Jacob

Clinton, Thomas

Cambel, Simon

Coleman, James


Deas, Seaman

Dawson, C. P.


Dyley, Edward

Daise, Isaac

Davis, Accabee

Deligard, Samuel

Dawson, July

Difley, Nathan

Dawson, Toby

Doctor, Cuffee

Davis, William

Dunham, Gabriel

Diley, Amos

Dawson, Cyrus

Duncan, George

Dennis, Jack


Evans, Thomas

Edwards, Cuffee

Edwards, Philip

Edwards, Edward

Edwards, Daniel

Edwards, Jeffry


Frost, Francis L.

Ford, George G.

Ford, F.S.


Fennick, Hercules

Freeman, Morris

Fenwick, Anthony

Fishburne, Warley

Ford, Philip

Fenwick, Jacob

Fishburne, Isaac

Fishburne, Solomon

Fraser, Samuel

Fyall, Laurence

Fishburne, Peter

Fripp, Frederick

Fraser, Harry

Fenwick, Martin


Grigley, Paul

Geddes, Isaac

Green, Samuel

Glover, Robin

Grate, Robin

Greene, Shallon

Grant, Charles

Girardeau, Paul

Gilyard, George

Glover, Sancho

Green, Henry

Gardner, John

Glover, Samuel

Gilyard, Harry

Glover, Jack

Gardner, Cato

Guery, John

Gladden, Peter


Goff, Charles

Goff, James

Geddes, Prince

Green, Primus

Geddis, Cesar

Girardeau, Jack

Granwell, William

Greenbird, Prince

Gary, Jacob

Gadsden, Peter

Goff, Prince

Goodwine, Harry

Gee, Joseph

Goff, Thomas

Gardner, Abraham

Gadsden, Joseph

Gilyard, Thomas

Green, Abraham

Gadsden, Joseph

Glenn, Jonas

Green, London

Gertrue, Samuel

Geddis, Hessick

Grant, Emanuel

Gough, Samuel

Goodwine, Cain

Green, Toney


Horry, Edward L.?

Hume, Edward G.

Hume, John A.

Horry, Paul T.


Hume, Jack

Holmes, Richard Sr.

Howard, London

Hume, Abraham

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Haines, Esau

Hume, Fortune

Hamilton, Francis

Haywood, Trap

Hume, Will

Haywood, Cesar

Haywood, Richard

Harrison, Philip

Hicks, Sharper

Holmes, Richard

Haines, Joshua

Haines, Stephen

Howard, Agrippa

Howard, Cyrus

Hamilton, Daniel

Hamilton, Robert

Holmes, Adam

Hugee, Durham

Hume, Thomas

Herriot, January

Hume, Jacky

Hume, Cesar

Hamilton, Edward

Hugee, George

Hamilton, Paul

Herlbeck, John

Hugee, Jack

Hume, Peter

Heywood, Manuel

Holmes, Daniel


Jenkins, Cuffee

Judge, Sharper

Jenkins, James

Johnson, Gilbert

Johnson, Ishmael

Johnson, Accabee


Johnson, Isaac

Jackson, Cudjoe

Johnson, Cain

Jenkins, Isaac

Jones, April


Kinloch, Tobey

Kennedy, Cain

Keitt, Charles

Knights, Stewart


Levington, Prince

Loggins, Adam

Loggins, Benjamin

Ladson, Wando

Legree, Sancho

Lessane, Robert

Legree, Richard

Ladson, Samuel

Liken, Jack

Lesane, Andrew

Lesane, Brutus

Lesane, Peter

Levington, Santee

Legree, Amos


McCants, James C.

McCants, J.W.

Maxwell, W.R.

Middleton, Arthur


Manigault, Daniel

Moultrie, Judge

Mazyck, Walter

McClellan, Benjamin


Magrath, Isaac

Mucilvene, William

Manigault, Israel

McClellan, Abraham

Miller, Abraham

Middleton, Henry

Murrell, William

McClellan, Calibey

Magwood, James

Moultrie, Job

McBride, Cyrus

Moultrie, Thomas

Manigault, Alfred

McFall, Cornelius

Moultrie, Richard

Middleton, M. Henry

Middleton, John

Michal, John

Maxwell, Anthony

Middleton, Monday

Manigault, Faithful

Moultrie, Folly

Murrell, Benjamin

Moultrie, Frank

Mitchell, Jacob

Maxwell, Cyrus

Mitchell, Richard

Manigault, Jonas

Mitchell, Quash

Moultrie, Sye

Maxwell, Buck

Moultrie, Primus

Mawick, Moses

Mitchell, Hope

Mudgune?, Celsea

Miles, Cuffee

McCloud, Neller

Maxwell, Scott


Middleton, Moses


Nesbit, Edward

Nelson, Cupid

Nesbit, Tacky

Norris, Henry


Owens, James

Owens, Harry


Pinckney, George

Pinckey, Polidore

Petigru, Charles

Pickny, Scipio

Pinckney, Marsh

Pinckney, Primus

Pinckney, James

Pinckney, Solomon

Pitman, Francis

Price, Mingo

Pitman, Joseph

Pitman, Francis

Parker, Green

Pitman, Gibbs

Pinckney, Isaac

Phillips, Charles

Pitman, Billy


Robinson, John

Read, Joseph

Richardson, Peter

Richards, Richard

Rutledge, Brister

Robison, Samuel

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Richardson, Joseph

Ratley, George

Richardson, John

Richardson, Scipio

Rouse, Daniel

Richardson, Henry

Read, Robert

Ribbons, Herman

Reef, Simmons

Reef, Simon

Rutledge, Manuel

Rutledge, Anthony

Roper, Brutus

Ribbons, Frank

Rufi, Alexander

Read, Robert Sr.

Richardson, Henry


Swinton, Marlboro

Simmons, Primus

Simmons, Adam

Small, Frank

Smith, Daniel

Simmons, Peter

Simmons, Robert

Singleton, Pino

Simmons, Richard

Small, Dandy

Small, Anthony 1st

Sargent, William

Small, Guy

Simmons, Robert

Snipes, Laurence

Shervine?, James

Smith, Toney Allston

Singleton, Samuel

Small, Nat

Small, Andrew


Sommers, Adam

Small, William

Surgent?, Sye

Small, Jak

Smith, Joseph

Small, Anthony 2nd

Small, John

Somers, Peter

Small, Hardtimes

Smith, Henry

Shivers, Joseph

Small, Benjamin

Smith, Osman

Summers, Postel


Tucker, Isaiah

Taylor, Robert

Tidiman, Calais

Thompson, Samuel

Turner, Charles

Takeall, James

Tallington, Frank


Vandross, Jeffrey

Vandross, Adam


Wragg, Paul

White, Charles

Wigfall, Jacob

Waring, January

Waring, Plenty

Washington, Abraham

Wright, Cuffee

Washington, Paul

Wilson, George


Winns, Hercules

Waring, George

Wheeling, Gibby

Watson, Owen

White, Toney

Wright, Fortune

Waring, Harry

Walker, Peter

Williams, Hector

Wright, James

Weston, Titus

Wayman, Richmond

Washington, Peter

Washington, Paul 2nd

White, Adam

Williams, Washington

Watson, Thomas

White, Henry

Wilson, Collins

White, Jerry

Washington, Carolina

Wilson, Daniel

Williams, David

Washington, Mingo

Wilson, James

Williams, Joshua

Waring, Thomas

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