We’re all looking for ways to save money on our genealogy resources. Today we'll look at two sites that can help you save money on books!

One way to do save money is to check out books from the library, rather than purchasing them. Worldcat is a free site that allows you to search libraries all over the world for books you want. You can search the catalog without creating an account. However, if you have an account, you can create lists (like favorites), bibliographies and reviews.
Once you find the book you want, WorldCat will link you to the library catalog. WorldCat also links you to places where you can purchase the book.
You'll often see Google products for Technology Tuesday. Here's another that you'll find useful: Google Books. Google books provides free access to many published books. You can download PDF versions of the books and search the text by keyword. You'll find genealogy resource books, but you may even find documents about your ancestors! For example, I found the same documents that I'd found on GenealogyBank.com (for a fee) for free on Google Books. In addition, I was able to save the entire document in PDF form, rather than page by page in GenealogyBank.com.


Google Books links to WorldCat to find the book at a library!

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