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Want to begin an African American ancestor search, but don't know where to start? Go to The Beginning Genealogist by Angela Walton-Raji to learn how and where to begin.

The Beginning Genealogist is dedicated to learning sound research methods for African American genealogy. Angela Walton-Raji takes you from the desire to learn your family's heritage, through the research process, and on to documenting and sharing your family history – a long journey.

Highlights of the Website

Basic Documents – Most everyone who lived left a document trail somewhere, but sometimes the information in the documents may conflict. What do you do when this happens?

Oral History – how to plan, conduct and follow up on, oral history interviews with your family members.

Civil War Ancestors – this page is especially relevant in the Lowcountry as so many African Americans left plantations to join Union forces.

American Indian Ancestors – detailed instructions on how to research Native American genealogy.

Researching Slavery Era – It is difficult to find enslaved ancestors before the 1870 Census; the first to list Freedmen with surnames. How do you make the research leap from 1870 to earlier?

Tell the Family Story – OK, you have followed all of The Beginning Genealogist's principles and you have learned your family's history. How do you share that history and preserve it so other can connect with your research?

Instructional Videos – Angela Walton-Raji discusses basic genealogical research.

Beginner's Links – learn where to begin researching your Lowcountry African American roots.

If you are just beginning your heritage research, The Beginning Genealogist is the perfect starting point. Learn how to begin, how to go forward and how to share what you have learned!

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