The estate inventory of John P. Porcher, filed 21 Dec 1865, lists the names of enslaved ancestors in age groups. Enslaved ancestors listed in the estate were:

Abel aged 90

Between 70 & 80 years

Scye, Fayette, Leah, Amy, George, Will

Between 60 and 70

Lauder, Hester, Tenah, Nanny, Nancy, Curney(?)

Between 50 & 60

Miley, Prince, Peter, Becky, Donas, Binah, Toma, Sary, Plenty, Mingo, Selina, Rhinah

Between 40 & 50

Tony, Tye, Sam, Flander, Judy, Bec, Did, Phillipi, Hagar, Laurence, Sukey, Alick, Carolina, Mayhed, Samuel

Between 30 & 40

Tenah, Andrew, Willy,  Dianna, Richard, Chloe, Thenah, Jinny, Selina, Porter, Tenah, James, Julianna, Elsey, Claney, Cinder, Phillipe

Between 20 & 30

Mary, Alice, Neppsy, Minder, Patty, Judy, Robert, Ned, Primus, Minder, Say, Mansfield,, Stephen, Nancy, Sam, Charles, Cason, Celia, Grace, Camilla, Teny, Phoebe, Iwaccon, Isaac, Dinah, Nelly, Phoebe, Emma, Billy, Louisa

Between 15 & 20

Chanty, Sean, Brass, Cinder, Juliette, Alias, Stephen, Jacky, Julius, Becca, Henrietta, Alice, Dickey, Fial, August, Cortey, Had, Tom, Joseph, Julia, Amy, Cretia, Amy, Juliet, Stephen, Christianna, Wilson, Charlotte, Martha, Katy, March, and Nancy

Between 10 & 15 years

George, Wally, Tony, Kias, Bull, Barbara, Ephrine, Salina, Tylpha, Bempey, Becky, April, Jacky, Leritta, George

Between 5 & 10

Annette, Rosanna, Beck, Leah, Lewis, Caswell, Rose, Kentucky, Rose, Elizabeth, Priscilla, Sophy, Patty, Josephine, Jason, Lucy, Virginia, November, Betsey, Mary, Toney, Hester, Juliett, Clarissa

Between 1 & 5 years

Governor, Mazchy, Susan, Peter, Bragg, Harriette, Rosalee, Lawrence, Edmund, Dolly, Jane, Charlotte, Mariana, Jimmy, Adam, Josiah

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Porcher John P Est Inv Book G (1864-67) p136 Porcher John P Est Inv Book G (1864-67) p137 Porcher John P Est Inv Book G (1864-67) p138 Porcher John P Est Inv Book G (1864-67) p139

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Source Citation

South Carolina, Secretary of State. Records Of Charleston District, Court Of Ordinary, Inventories, Appraisements, And Sales Books, Series Number L10137, Book G (1864-1867), pp. 136139, Estate Inventory of John P. Porcher, 1864.

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