Freedmen’s Bureau Records

Freedmen’s Bureau records are an invaluable resource for learning where your ancestors were prior to 1870 and can often provide clues for discovering an ancestor’s final slaveholder.

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South Carolina, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Report: Bounty Claim Correspondence for Blake, March; Blake, Michael; Jenkins, Bob; Williams, Rd; Cruel, Ranty; Blake, Robt; Edwards, Jos H.; Seabrook, Edwd; Brown, Jonas; Harris, Mike; Saplin, James, 1869

  Names: Drew, Wm. P. Howard, O.O. Ballock, Ew. Blake, March Blake, Michael Jenkins, Bob Williams, Rd. Edwards, Jos H. Blake, Robt. Seabrook, Edwd. Cruel, Ranty Brown, Jonas Harris, Mike Saplin, James DeKnight, W.F. Scoville, N.R. Edie,...

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