The Freedmen’s Bureau provided many services to Freedmen and poor white refugees during its operations in the former slaveholding states. In the years between 1865 and 1872, the bureau established hospitals and provided inpatient and outpatient medical care to many thousands who were in need.

The volume transcribed here is a register of 1,393 sick and wounded who received medical care at St. Helena and Ladies Island in Beaufort County, South Carolina in 1866 and 1867. The table below is searchable. You may also choose how many names to display per page.

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Day of WeekNames.MenWomenComplaintAdmittedDischarged
SundayDianna Powell"ElephantitisSept 1st 1867Sept 2d
"Alex Drayton"Colic""
"Grace Mutrie"Feb. Intermitt""
"Deal Geddes"Bronchitis""
"Judy Powell"In Uterus""
"Thos. Garner"Feb. Int.""
"Margret Riley"" """
"Mary Washington"" """
"Diana Daphney"Old Age""
"Mariah Mutrie"Ulcers""
"Holy Washington"Neuralgia""
"Betty [Illegible]Colic""
"Mary Brant"C. Rheumatism""
"Toney Wadkins"Asthma""
"John MidletonFeb. Intermitt""
"Mary Middleton" ""
"Martha Middleton"""
"Levina Scott""""
MondayGeo. Boyd""2d3d
"Broston Body"Endocarditis""
"Jane Rivers"Catarrah""
"Celia Washington"A. Rheumatism""
"Rachel Bell"C. Rheumatism""
"Flora Singleton"C. Rheumatism""
"Celia McMillin"Constipation""
"Easter Green"Neuralgia""
"Sandy Washington"Constipation""
"Antonia Drayton"Colic""
TuesdayJane BagenFeb. Intermitt3d4th
"Abby Bagen"""
"Rose Bagen"""
"Dick Blagen""""
"Henry Mack"Headache""
"Jim Days"Dropsey""
"Mary MackFeb. Intermitt""
"Julia Mack """"
"Berry Washington""""
"Emma Stuart"Dyspepsia""
"Plenty Bennett"C. Rheumatism""
"Joe Warren"Colic""
"Corpl. Ringold"Feb. Intermitt""
WednesdayRichard FullerFeb. InSept 4th 18675th
"Bell Fuller"""
"Caleb Fuller"""
"Kate Hazzard"Pregnancy""
"Molsey GardnerWorms""
"Wm Gardner"""
"Joe Gardner"""
"Sargt. Parker"""
"Jenny Parker"""
"Tamer Parker"""
"Hager Parker"""
"Judy Mathews"Feb. In""
"Sa[illegible] Mathews""""
"Charlott Mathews"""
"January Frazer""""
"Joe Gardner""""
"Robert FieldDropsey""
"Thos. FieldWorms""
"Roger Field"""
"Lidia Field"""
"Christina Field"""
"Abigil Busill"""
"Lousia Bushill"""
"Liza Bushill"""
"Agnes Bushill"""
"Beney Bushill"""
"Hector Williamson"Bronchitis""
"Wilson GrantFeb. Int.""
"Alice Grant"""
"Mary Grant"""
"Albert Grant"""
"Mini Paterson""""
"Comba Green"Worms""
"Cathrine Grant"Feb. In""
"Rebecca Stuard"Colic""
"July HaywardFever Int.""
"Charles RobisonWorms""
"Rachel Stuard"Debility""
"[Ilegible] SeabrookFeb. Int.""
"Hannah Gates"Inf. Uterus""
"Prince DraytonWorms""
WednesdayCornelia Michael"Feb. Int.Sept 4th/67"
"Catherine Michael"""
"Machel Michael"""
"Clarissy Michael"""
"Joe Michael"""
"Rina Sheppard"Worms""
"Lisia Johnson"Headache""
"Johny GreenWorms""
"Sally Green"""
"Catherin Haywood"Pregnancy""
"Geo Rivers"Iretis""
"Lidia Green"""
"Rosanna Jenkins"Feb. Int.""
"Jimmy Jenkins"""
"Betty Middleton""""
"Peter Smith"""
"Annie Washington"Ulcers""
"Bob Barnwell"Feb. Int.""
"Nancy Gadsden""""
"Clarisey River""""
ThursdayHenry Wilson"Dropsey5th6th
"Ceaser SmithFeb. Int.""
"Nancy Whitehead""""
"Betsey Chislom"""
"Stephny WashingtonWorms""
"Stephen BradlyFeb. Int.""
"Rebecca Bradly""""
"Betsey Field"Colic""
"Jacob SimmonsFeb. Inter.""
"Grace Barnwell"Bronchitis""
"Georg. BarnwellFeb. Int.""
"Bella Wainwright""""
"Cela Wainwright"""
"Phillis Grant"""
"Henry Newton""""
"Mary Newton""""
"Sarah Howdard""""
"Nat Newton"""
"Rina Newton"""
"John Brown"""
ThursdayThomas BrownFeb. Int.5th6th
"Jacob Green"""
"Scipio Green"""
"Molly Gadsden""""
"Bella Moohe""""
"Aaron Brown"Colic""
"Benj Cannon"Feb. Inter.""
"Rachel Brown""""
"Thomas Gray"""
FridayLidea Body"Feb. Int.6th7th
"Cubit Witney"Worms""
"Limus Whitney"""
"Mathew Whitny"""
"Toney Capper"Dropsey""
"Polly DunhamFeb. Int.""
"Mariah Mutrie"Ulcers""
"Mary CuffeyWorms""
"Robert Pope"Colic""
"Henry Wilson"Dropsy""
"Dennis Washington"C. Catarrh""
"James Days"Dropsey""
"Benj BrownInf. Tonsil""
"Clarisey Williams"Feb. Inter.""
"Steven WilliamsWorms""
"David Williams"""
SaturdayJackson Smiley"7th8th
"Sookey BlankCatarrh""
"Paty PerryFeb. Int.""
"Adam Perry"""
"Clara Perry"""
"Isaac JacksonColic""
"Julius MarkWorms""
"Elizabeth Jenkins"Debility""
"Edward JenkinsColic""
"Rose Scott""""
"Daphneny Henry"C. Rheumatism""
"Caroline Simmonds"C. Rheumatism""
"Betty Washington"Feb. Int.""
"Lucy Powell""""
"Sally Powell""""
"Judy Powell""""
SundayPompy Simmonds"EaracheSept 8th 18679th
"Antonia Drayton"Colic""
"John CoenWorms""
"Sandy Coen"""
"Dianna Powell"Elephantitis""
"July Powell"Colic""
"Billy Fields"Feb. In.9th10th
MondayMary Fields""""
"Henry Alston"Conjunctivitis""
"Harriet Taylor"Inf. Tonsils""
"Adeline [Illegible]Feb. Int.""
"Julianna Lilly"""
"Angeline Lilly"""
"Wigfield Hoby"""
"Julia HobyWorms""
"James Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"Stepney Brown"""
"Adora Brown"""
"Alice Brown"""
"Amy Nix"Headache""
"Primus Mitchel"Feb. Int""
"Gabrial Parker"""
"Edward Parker"Debility""
"Thomas MilesScurvy""
"Jack MiliganFeb. Int.""
"Easter Fields"Debility""
"Dick Umbolds"Gonorrhoea""
"Morris Chaplin"Ulcers""
TuesdayRose Washington"Cattarh10th11th
"John WashingtonItch""
"Henrietta WashingtonItch""
"York BrownFeb. In""
"Molesy Brown"""
"Julius Brown"""
"Morris Brown"""
"Bini BrownColic""
"Alex PotterC. Infantum""
"Sandy WashingtonFeb. Int.""
"Hannah Hudson"""
"Fannie Bubon""""
"Miley A Cuspid""""
TuesdayDianna Cuspid"Feb. Int.Sept 10th11th
"Emelia Bubon""""
"Catherine Brien""""
"Aaron Porter"Neuralgia""
"Toby Grant"Rheumatism""
"Amanda Grant"Feb. Int.""
"Martha Robison"""
"Sam Smith"Colic""
"Peter Readyfeet"Syphillis""
"Morris Black"C. Infantum""
WednesdaySarah Taylor"Neuralgia11th12th
"Frank Taylor"Feb. Int.""
"Mollie Taylor""""
"Sarah Taylor"""
"Chas Edwards"""
"Kitty Price""""
"Rachel Scott"Conges. Uterus""
"Mariah Washington""""
"Stephen Middeton"Asthma""
"Jane Rivers"Colic""
"Joseph SimmonsWorms""
"Andress ChisolmColic""
"Bina BarnwellFeb. Int.""
"Benj. WhiteC. Infantum""
"Tom McRightFeb. In.""
"Moll Simmons"""
"Isaac Simmons"""
"Laura Simmons""""
"Chas Simmons""""
"Paris Simmons""""
"Princ Grant"""
"Fanny Grant"""
"Ishmael Rivers"""
"Edmund Rivers"""
"Ellen Rivers"""
"Catherin Haywood""""
"Abby Haywood""""
"Maurice Haywood""""
"Claricey Richardson"""
"Lidia Bryant""""
"Tamor Singleton""""
WednesdayBetsey Singleton"Feb. Int.Sept 11thSept 12th
"Billy Singleton"""
"[Illegible] Singleton"""
"Celia Holms"""
"Betty Smith"""
"Thos. Eddings"""
"Kipp Jones"Rheumatism""
ThursdayQuaker Green"Feb. Int.12th13th
"Titus Green"""
"Silvy Green"""
"Mariah Mutrie"Ulcers""
"Scipio ManigoFeb. Int.""
"Ezek Manigo"""
"Katy Manigo"""
"Dianna CokerDyspepsia""
"Molly Holms"Colic""
"John Reynolds"Feb. Int.""
"James Simmond""""
"Mollie Pope""""
"James Church"Catarrh""
"Dianna Jenkins"Feb. Int.""
"Wm Hoby"""
"Sarah Messing"""
"Jane Messing"""
"Robert Ferry""""
"Ann Singleton""""
"Celia Henderson""""
"Mary Hope"Debility""
"Ellen HolmsWorms""
"Nancy Holms"""
"James Holms"""
"Millie SimmonsFeb. Int.""
"Geo. Boyd"""
FridayBilly Ward"13th14th
"Mollie Grant""""
"Nancy Eustice""""
"Rose Haywood""""
"Jos. Rivers"Colic""
"Hannah TaylorWorms""
"Morris BinnyFeb. Int.""
"Toby Funny""""
FridayRichard NathialFeb. Int.13th14th
"Lucy Mathews"""
"Enoch Blank"""
"Lauretto Blank"""
"Adam Dayson"""
"Amey Nix"Dysentary""
"Sam Dudley"Feb. Int.""
"Olivia Gadeson""""
"Matilda Simmons""""
"Jemmie Grant""""
SaturdayAlx Drayton"Feb. Int.14th15th
"Mint A. LowensDiarrhoea""
"Peggy Lowns""""
"Gabise Samson""""
"Harry Washington""""
"Thos. Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"Emma ChaplinDebility""
"Will. Taft"Feb. Int.""
"Jacob Brown""""
"Patrick Grant""""
SundayMary Grant"Diarrhoea15th16th
"Thomas Fuller"Feb. Int.""
"Molly Eustice""""
MondayDemus Washington"Colic16th17th
"Cesar HolmsWorms""
"Dick Richard"Feb. Int.""
"James Chisolm"""
"Bella Chisolm"""
"Nancy Mc"""
"Nelson Jones""""
"Paris Drayton"""
"Delphia Singleton"""
"Henry Alston""""
"Lydia Alston""""
"Ceser Miller""""
"Philis Miller""""
"Mary Johnson""""
"Edward ChapinDropsey""
"Vini HolmsFeb. Int.""
"Margret Holms"""
"Toby MathewConstipation""
MondayEmma ChislomFeb. Int.Sept 16thSept 17th
"Louisa Chislom"""
"Jeanett Chilsom"""
"Hannah Gardner"""
"Paris Gardner"Headache""
"Lucy Mutri"Tumor""
"Daphny SmallFeb. Int.""
"Sam Forrester"""
"Austin Forrester"""
"Polly Forrester"""
"Nelly Ford"""
"Edward """"
"Alice """"
"Moses """"
"Richard """"
"John """"
TuesdayLouisa Right"Colic17th18th
"Robert Thomas"Feb. Int.""
"Susen Taft""""
"Minty Haywood"Itch""
"Bill Hankins""""
"Saml EllsworthDiarrhoea""
"Pheobe GettersCatarrh""
WednesdayGrace Jackson"Feb. Int.18th19th
"Bini Jackson""""
"Harry Jackson""""
"Jas Clark""""
"Dolly Chislm""""
"David Bryan"""
"David Bennett""""
ThursdayTitus SmallCatarrh19th20th
"Benj Gardner"Inf. Tonsil""
"Cloe Barnwell"Colic""
"Mary Devine"Conjunctivitis""
"Delphia Dean"Feb. Int.""
"Mariah Devine""""
"Dianna Powell"Elephantitis""
"Saml BrightDiarrhoea""
"Venus Tipton"Rheumatism""
ThursdayTenna Jenkins"RheumatismSept 19th20th
"Peggy Fripp""""
"Chevy Akin"Colic""
"Albert BrownFeb. Int.""
"Philip Brown"""
"Matilda Simmons""""
"Jessie Freemen"""
"Dianna BrownNeuralgia""
"[Illegible] Borwn"Dropsey""
"Alfred Grahm"Debility""
"Saml Grant"Feb. Int.""
"Sanco Blood"Asthma""
"Mariah Eustes"Ulcers""
FridayMinty Rose"Feb. Int.20th21st
"Thomas Robison""""
"Emma Tharp""""
"Mary Simmons""""
"Tena Williams""""
"Jesse Fripp""""
"Geo. Boyd""""
"Patsey Bolden""""
"Millie Harris"Amenorrhoea""
"Geo GrantDiarrhoea""
"Molly Eustes"Headache""
SaturdaySanty Jenkins"Feb. Int.21st22d
"Amanda Akin""""
"Sally Grahm""""
"Ellen Brown""""
"Tim FreemanC. Infantum""
"Jane Bennett"""
"Saml SaxonFeb. Int.""
"Phillis Gardner""""
"Wm Binny""""
"Henry Miller""""
SundayJoe Simmons"Feb. Int.22d23d
"Nelly Simmons""""
"Celia White""""
"Mariah Haywood""""
"Fannie ClarksonDiarrhoea""
"Geo. Robison"""
MondayNoble AndersonItchSept 23dSept24th
"Celias EduardFeb. Int.""
"Tena Moutri"Iretis""
"Robbin Simmons"Headache""
"Susen Williams"Feb. Int.""
"Santy James""""
"John Jenkins""""
"Mary Anderson""""
TuesdayJacob Waites"A. Rheum.""
"Handy Linyear"Feb. Int.""
"Mollie Taylor""""
"Rose Miller""""
"Geo. Fripp""""
"Sally Mason""""
"Tena Bookter""""
"Jim Bennett""""
"Bob Carolina"A. Rheum.""
"Jesse SimmonsDiarrhoea""
"Celia SimmonsFeb. Int.""
"Edna Simmons"""
WednesdayClara Wilson""25th26th
"Anna WilsonWorms""
"Eliza Wilson"""
"Peggy Brice"Debility""
"Edward Taylor"Piles""
"Berry White"C. Rheum.""
"Floro Singleton"C. Rheum.""
"Sarah SimmonsAbsess""
"Maria Mutri"Ulcers""
"Toby FreemanFeb. Int.""
"Susen Ganser""""
ThursdayDavid Rogers""26th27th
"Peter Forrest""""
"Wm Bennett"Neuralgia""
"Affy Dean"Feb. Int.""
"Abram Jenkins""""
"Emma Singleton"C. Rheum.""
"Lizzie Welch"Feb. Int.""
"Jas. Rivers"Feb. Int.""
"Venus Rivers"Feb. Int.""
"Emma James"""
FridayFranklin Walker"Feb. Int.September 27thSeptember 28th
"Hasting Gant""""
"Abram Robison""""
"Adam Haywood""""
"Peter Haywood"""
"William HaywoodDropsey""
"Richard BrownWorms""
"Scipio Brown"""
"Peggy Brown"Feb. Int.""
"Dennis Lockwood""""
"Hettie Lockwood"""
"[Illegible] Lockwood"""
"Margret Lockwood""""
"Hariah Hughs"""
"Cloe Hughs"""
"Henry Blake"""
"H[illegible] Blake"Absess""
"Richard [Illegible]Feb. Int.""
"William Brown"""
"Emeline Brown""""
"Jim JohnsonWorms""
"Selia Brown"Colic""
"Sookie Simmons""""
"Rino Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"Lucy Mackey""""
SaturdayRachel Alston"28th29th
"Albert Alston"""
"Boswain Johnson""""
"Hester Johnston""""
"Rino Polite"""
"Rachel Bell""""
"Fortune Campbell""""
"Lessia Campbell"""
"Nancy Campbell"""
"Ephrim Campbell"""
"Hannah Taylor"""
"Chas Woodman"""
"Betty Washington"Amenorrhoea""
"Taff Richardson"Neuralgia""
"Carolina RichardnFeb. Int.""
"[Illegible] Richdn"""
SaturdayClaricy RiversFeb. Int.Sept 28thSept 29th
"William SimmonsCatarrh""
"Wm Rivers"Bronchitis""
"Joe Warren"Colic""
"Emma WarrenItch""
"Robbin Bryan"Bronchitis""
"Dennis BaisnerWorms""
"Mariah Mutri"Amenorrhoea""
SundayMolly Fernando"Dismenorrhoea29th30th
"Thos Sillman"Feb. Int.""
MondaySarah Pinkney"Feb. Int.30th31st [sic]
"Catherine Bonsell""""
"Mily Pinkny"""
"Ellen Pinkny"""
"Violet Pinkny"""
"Nat Pinkny"""
"Lizzie Major"Ulcers""
"Mary Middleton"Colic""
"Molly MiddletonWorms""
"Plenty Bennett"Neuralgia""
"Mary LeeFeb. Int.""
"Paris Greglor""""
"Jack Wright""""
"Wm WrightWorms""
"Andrew Wright"""
"Robert Rett"""
"Rose Busha"Feb. Int.""
"Robert Busha"""
"William Rivers"Bronchitis""
"Elmima Paterson"Debility""
"Andrew BatonFeb. Int.""
"Thomas Runners"""
"Sammy Runners"""
"Mary Runners"""
"Scipo Harrison"Colic""
"Silvy Harrison"Feb. Int.""
"Rachel Harrison""""
"Hector Williamson""""
"Easter Green""""
MondayHester Baily"Feb. Int.Sept 30th"
"Ben Right""""
"Eli Small""""
"Dalton Simmons""""
"Henry Brown""""
"Mary Brown""""
TuesdayGeo. Rily"Feb. Int.Oct 1st2d
"Carolina Brown"C. Rheumatism""
"Joe Simmons"Cattarah""
"Wm Wait"Colic""
"Jacob WaitWorms""
"Eve Cowen"Amenorrhoea""
"Boston Cowen"Feb. Int.""
"Isaac Field""""
"William Rily""""
"Moses Wigg"""
"Moses Wigg""""
"Amey Stuard"""
"Charlott Stuard"""
"Robert Pinkney""""
"Kitt Jenkins"Bronchitis""
"Louisa JenkinsFeb. Int.""
"Henrietta Myers"""
"Mary Myers"""
"London Myers"""
"Mariah Laurens"""
"Margret Lauren""""
"Manilla LaurensColic""
"Dido Bowles"Feb. Int.""
"Rebecca Bowles"""
"Eliza Bowles"""
"Betsey Wright""""
"Cloe Wright""""
WednesdayAgnes Bacon""2d3d
"Thos. Bacon""""
"Matilda Bacon"""
"Cloe Bacon"""
"Benj Bacon"""
"Wm Burton""""
"Betsy Wigg"Colic""
"Clara Brown"Feb. Int.""
WednesdayRino Simmons"Dismenorrhoea2d3d
"Jacob SimmonsFeb. Int.""
"Hannah Brandly"Dysmenorrhoea""
"Abram BrownConstipation""
ThursdayAnnie MiddletonFeb. Int.3d4th
"Tena Middleton"Neuralgia""
"Jemmina ShermanFeb. Int.""
"Toney Ford"""
"Peter Bryan""""
"Grace Simmons""""
"Rachel Green""""
"Mariah Haywood"Catarrh""
"William BrownDropsey""
FridayBecky JenkinsFeb. Int.4th5th
"Ellen Perry""""
"Jacob Nicholas"""
"Thos Nicholas"""
"William Nicholas"""
"Charlotte Pope"Colic""
"Lucinda Bryan"Diarrhoea""
SaturdayBess Middleton"Feb. Int.5th6th
"Emanuel Middleton""""
"Jimy Middleton""""
"Adam Richardson"Itch""
"Seth Gadsden"Colic""
"Molley GadsdenWorms""
"Hamilton MyersFeb. Int.""
"Patient Myers"""
"Rino Myers"Iretis""
SundayAntonio SimmonsFeb. Int.6th7th
"Prince Simmons""""
"Sallie Simmons"""
"Jinnie Simmon"""
"Cubit Washington""""
"Eliza Blake"""
"Mariah Blake"""
"Jennie Blake"""
"Peggy Jenkins""""
"Benj Washington""""
MondaySookie Thomas"Pregnancy7th8th
"Lillie Brown"Colic""
"Wm Perry"Feb. In.October 7th8th
"Jane Pope""""
"Dianna Fripp""""
"Millie White""""
"Tim HaywoodUlcers""
TuesdayBoston Eustis"Feb. Int.8th9th
"Jane Eustis""""
"Dina Eustis""""
"Geo. Washington""""
"Cela SimpkinsWorms""
"Amelia Jenkins"Diarrhoea""
"Alex Eustice"Feb. Int.""
WednesdayGeo Boyd"9th"
"Mariah Burton""""
"Adam Jenkins""""
"Mollie Eustice""""
"Fernando Eustice""""
"Tom Morgan""""
"Nellie SimpkinsC. Infantum""
"Wm RibisonFeb. Int.""
"Rose Robison""""
"Jimbo Jennett""""
"Susanna WilliamsC. Infantum""
ThursdayStephen WilliamsAbsess10th13th
"Benj Singleton"Feb. Int.""
"Betsey HaywoodWorms""
"Kalab Mutrie"Feb. Int.""
"Paris RynoldsWorms""
"Hager SmallWorms""
"Crecy Mutrie"Dismenorrhoea""
"Marcy Ann"Amenorrhoea""
"Elsey SimmonsConstipation""
FridayDaniel LoverFeb. Int.11th14th
"Morgy Eustis"Colic""
"Mariah Brown"C. Rheumatism""
"Middleton Stuart"Debility""
"James Bowls"Feb. Int.""
"Patience Rivers"Pro. Uteri""
"Peggy BowlsWorms""
FridaySarah BrownFeb. Int.October 11th14th
"James Brown"""
"Emma Brown""""
"Leon Brown"""
"Henry Brown""""
"Jane Brown""""
"Mollie Brown"""
"James Brown"""
"Lewis Washington""""
SaturdayMariah Jenkins"Colic12th15th
"Grace Singleton"Diarrhoea""
"Betty ColeFeb. Int.""
"Daphney Henry"Asthma""
"Sandy CowenFeb. Int.""
"Matilda Green"Constipation""
"Patty Brown"Dropsey""
"Emeline Brown"Constipation""
"Flora Williams"Feb. Int.""
"Cela Johnson""""
"Rose Fields""""
"Cato Fields""""
"Violet Fuller""""
"Felix Singleton""""
"Mary Singleton"Constipation""
SundayDennis WashingtonFeb. Int.13th16th
"Mariah Mutri"Colic""
"Mary HarrisFeb. Int.""
"Josephine WindNight Blindness""
MondayJames Days"Dropsey14th17th
"Laurens MitchellFeb. Int.""
"Catherin Perry""""
"Frank Law"""
"Posey Law"""
"Josephine Brisban"""
"Bristoe Brown""15th18th
TuesdayThos Pressman""""
"Caroline Simmons"Constipation""
"Saml AkinsColic""
"Lot Bowles"Gonorrhoea""
"Dido Blygan"Debility""
TuesdayJane BiigenFeb. Int.October 15th18th
"Stephen Gates"""
"Venus Winsor"""
"Bristow Legree"Ulcers""
"Mariah WashingtonWorms""
"Joe Budd"Feb. Int.""
"Nancy Budd"""
"Louisa Budd"""
WednesdayJuliet FrippCattarh16th19th
"Mary FrippFeb. Int.""
"Emme Stuard"C. Rheumatism""
"Jimmy BylesFeb. Int.""
"Harriet Byles"Amenorrhoea""
"Claricy Williams"Feb. Int.""
"David Bryan"""
ThursdayJacob Gadsden"Debility17th"
"Geo. BoydFeb. Int.""
"Fernando Eustis""""
"Emly Jenkins""""
"Nat Eustis""""
"Millie Edwards""""
"Mikle Major"Ulcer""
"Elizabeth Major"Feb. Int.""
"Joe. Baily""""
"Joe Baily"""
FridayAnderson Baily"18th21st
"Dolly Fields""""
"Wm Simmons""""
"Isabella Write"Colic""
"Annie RightFeb. Int.""
"Bety Cole""""
"Bety Cole"""
"Dianna Greir"Constipation""
"Amanda Adkins"Catarrh""
"Bino Brown"Debility""
"Wm SimmonsFeb. Int.""
"Lizzie Simmons"""
"Mariah Simmons"""
"Benj SimmonsUlcers Mouth""
"Cela Simmons"Constipation""
"Herbert WakefieldCatarrh""
SaturdayMargrett Rily"Feb. Int.October 19th22nd
"Primus RilyWorms""
"Dianna Powell"Elephantitis""
"Peggy Lawrence"Pregnancy""
"Dennis WashingtonFeb. Int.""
"Charlott Brown"Constipation""
"William Taylor"Neuralgia""
"Robert Brown"Feb.Int.""
"Millie Brown""""
"Dolly Brown"""
"Jesse Brown"""
"Patience Brown"""
"Elsey Brown"""
"Isaac Brown"Dropsey""
"Dye Brown"Catarrh""
"Alexander Johnson"Feb. Int.""
"Bella Johnson""""
"Bram Johnson"""
"Cela Johnson"""
"Martin Washington"""
"Henry Washington"""
"Stephen Brown"""
"Harriet James"""
"Ishmal Brown"Bronchitis""
"Rhoda Mack"Feb. Int.""
"Litta Mack"""
"Anderson Butler""""
"Bob Pope""""
SundayMark Johnson"Feb. Int.20th23d
"Minty Johnson""""
"Thomas Mason""""
"Wm PopeWorms""
MondayLucy TaylorFeb. Int.21st24th
"Ellie Neil""""
"Hattie Bush""""
"Geo. Bram""""
"Sally ElyDiarrhoea""
"Jennie JenkinsDiarrhoea""
"Will AndersonFeb. Int.""
TuesdayRobert Larence"Inf. Plura22d25th
"Jacob Singleton"Contusion""
"Nat. Eustis"Debility""
"Sarah Taylor"Feb. Int.""
"March AkinColic""
"Nancy Whitehead"Feb. Int.""
"Pompy Cook""""
"Jerry Cook""""
"Manitta Gooswin"""
"Rose Brown"""
"Laurena CaperItch""
"Jack Wright"Inf. Con[illegible]""
"Cloe Seabrook"Feb. Int.""
"Lydia Rivers""""
"Middleton Stuart"Debility""
"Paul Simmons"Debility""
"Caroline Stuart"Dyspepsia""
"Rachel CapersWorms""
"Nancy Watson"Diarrhoea""
"William RichardsonFeb. Int.""
"Martha Richardson"""
"Jane Rivers"Amenorrhoea""
WednesdayDanl WilsonEpilepsy23d26th
"Peter Scott"Feb. Int.""
"Romer Chislom"Debility""
"John ChislomCatarrh""
"Ellen Cowen"Amenorrhoea""
"Rachel Bell"Constipation""
ThursdayMary GrantFeb. Int.24th30th
"Eliza Grant"""
"Rose Grant"""
"Flora Grant"""
"Sam Grant""""
"Monday Stuard""""
"James H. Stuard"""
"Peter Adkins""""
"Jane Simmons"Debility""
"Sarah Hope"Ulcers""
FridayDaphany Mack"Debility25th"
"Eliza Williams"Feb. Int.""
"Morris Simmons"C. Rheumatism""
FridayA. Simmons"C. RheumatismOct 25thOct 31st
"Jeanett Williams"Diarrhoea""
"Thom Simmons"Debility""
"Mariah Thompson"Ulcers""
SaturdaySusanna Gadsden"Feb. Int.26th"
"Dick Gadsden""""
"William RileyWorms""
"Jos Fisher"Feb. Int.""
"Celia Taft""""
"Nelly Stuart""""
"Thos. Grant"""
"Eliza Jenkins""""
"Diana Middleton"Constipation""
"Henderson WrightItch""
"William Watson"Feb. Int.""
"Benton Forbes""""
"Child LillyDiarrhoea""
"Primus Hall"Syphillis""
SundayRebecca Seabrook"Feb. Int.27th"
"Jenna Seabrook""""
"Abram Brown"Constipation""
"Dennis ChurchColic""
MondayLenord Singleton"C. Rheumatism28th"
"Charlott Grant"C. Rheumatism""
"Venus Haywood"Debility""
"Felix Singleton"Constipation""
"Rose Brantly"Hamessitis""
"Phills Brantly"Constipation""
"Margret Rily"Dismenorrhoea""
"Chloe Barnwell"C. Rheumatism""
TuesdayEllen Bell"Debility29thNov 1st
"Elsey Bell"Constipation""
"Betty Washington"Colic""
"Elle ShepardFeb. Int.""
"Cupid Washington"Debility""
"Rhoda Grant"Feb. Int.""
"Peggy Grant"""
"Emma Stuard"Debility""
"Thos. Singleton"Sprain""
"Flora Singleton"Catarrh""
"Mary DaysAsthma""
TuesdayRose Simmons"CatarrhOctober 29thNov 1st
"Hager Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"Roberta Simmons"""
"Grace Murphy""""
"Mariah Jenkins"Amenorrhoea""
"Sookie Frazser"Feb. Int.""
"January Frazer""""
"Gibb Frazer"""
"Benj Ames"Ulcers""
"Boy FrederickHeadahce""
"Wm Blue"A. Rheumatism""
"Roger Smashmen"Feb. Int.""
"Carolina Bowman"C. Rheumatism""
"Sam Wright"A. Rheumatism""
"Dianna Robson"Feb. Int.""
"Francis Moy""""
"Levina Pinkny""""
"Patr. Pinkny""""
"Peter Robison""""
"Nat. Simmons"Debility""
"Hannah Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"John Scott""""
WednesdayBella Rivers"Amenorrhoea30th2d
"Rebeca Stuard"Amenorrhoea""
"Mary Brisband"Feb. Int.""
"Allen Marago"Constipation""
"Tyra Major"Pregnancy""
"Katy Milton"Pregnancy""
"Jacob Holms"Feb. Int.""
"Jane Allin"""
"Dianna Eustis"Constipation""
FridayEmeline Thorn"UlcersNov 1st 18674th
"John PopeFeb. Int.""
"Clara Polite"""
"Charlott Polite"Catarrh""
"Matilda Green""""
"Susan Pope"Constipation""
SaturdayBenj Washington"Debility2d5th
"Margrett Riley"Colic""
"Dolly Chislom"Scrofula""
"Philis Taylor"Debility""
"Simmon Eden"Iretis""
"Dolly Beet"Feb. Int.""
"Mickel Major"Ulcers""
"Betty SmalFeb.Int.""
"Will Middleton"""
"Kimbe Middleton"""
"Emeline Brown"Constipation""
"Lavina Cook"Dysmenorrhoea""
"Eduard RiversItch""
"Amos Brown"Ulcers""
"Easter Green"Amenorrhoea""
"Sam Brant"A. Rheumatism""
"Bristow Body"Feb. Int.""
"Nepter Body"""
"Hettie Watson""""
"Cathrin Watson""""
"Matilda Grant""""
SundayDianna Blue"C. Rheumatism3d6th
"Mary Black"Debility""
"Laura Cuspid"Amenorrhoea""
"Mariah Jenkins"Constipation""
MondayThos RilyWorms4th7th
"Flora AtkinsFeb. Int.""
"Benj Atkins"""
"Wm Sands""""
"Ann Watson"Constipation""
"Nelly Thomas"Feb. Int.""
"Fannie Pope""""
TuesdayBristoe Eustis"Feb. Int.November 5th8th
"Jane Watson"""
"Sam Mitchell""""
"Geo BoydConstipation""
"Phillis Jenkins"Debility""
"Mille Jacobs"Colic""
"Tena Bennett"Feb. Int.""
"Lidia Rivers"Dismenorrhoea""
"Edward RiversDiarrhoea""
WednesdayFred. Watson"Feb. Int.6th9th
"Hattie Watson""""
"Sarah Watson""""
"Margret Washington"Neuralgia""
"Augt. McKinly"Constipation""
"Jennie Lee"Hamoptisis""
"Molly Fields"Amenorrhoea""
"Celia Thompson"Pro. Uteri""
"Tom DennerdDiarrhoea""
"Washington SmithC. Infantum""
"Phillis Waters"Colic""
"Till Simpkins"A. Diarrhoea""
ThursdayArthur GreenConstipation7th10th
"Ackles Washington"Dropsey""
"Ned Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"James Simons"""
"Emma Simmons"""
"Phillis Smasher"Debility""
"Abram Smasher"C. Rheumatism""
"Bina MutriCatarrh""
"Boston Mutri"Iretis""
"Tyra Mutry"A. Rheumatism""
"Granma Jenks"C. Rheumatism""
"Grace Eustis"Feb. Int.""
"Claricy Jenkins""""
"M.A. Jenkins""""
"Amos Stuart"A. Rheumatism""
"Cuffy Blake"Iretis""
FridayElias Funy"Feb. Int.8th11th
"Ellen Funy""""
"James Funy"""
"Diana Funy"""
FridayGeo. Thomas"Feb. Int.8th11th
"Lilly Thomas"""
"Milly Rivers"""
"Sookie Rivers""""
"Toney Hazell""""
"Sandy EustisCatarrh""
"Philis Pope"Constipation""
"Julius Eduards"Feb. Int.""
SaturdayMary Eustis"9th12th
"Mary Ann Eustis"""
"Spencer Simmons"Ulcers""
"Tom Drayton"Constipation""
"Joseph Simmons"Ulcers""
"Grace Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"William Perry"Nephritis""
"Antony Gratston"Colic""
"William Sulivan"Feb. Int.""
"Tony Robison""""
"Lucy Robison""""
"Stepny WatsonConstipation""
"Gabrial Haywood"Feb. Int.""
"Mariah Haywood""""
"Cloe Haywood""""
"Nelly Haywood"""
"January Richardson""""
"Alex Richardson"""
"Robert Laurence"Itch""
"Ellen Jordan"Leucorehoea""
SundaySaml AkinsFeb. Int.10th13th
"Hannah Akins"""
"Mars Thomas""""
"Martin Blake"""
"Rebeca Midleton"Constipation""
MondayBino Cuffy"Feb. Int.11th14th
"Betty Simmons""""
"Geo. Thompson""""
"Cela BerryDiarrhoea""
"Phillis Miller"Amenorrhoea""
MondayAnn Mutri"A. Rheumatism11th14th
"Benj Williams"Bronchitis""
TuesdayJacob Waites"Headache12th15th
"Lawarenc HowardIng. Hernia""
"Amey Simons"Colic""
"Sandy SimmonsDiarrhoea""
"David Simmons"Debility""
"Bram Howard"Constipation""
"Cyrus HowardFeb. Int.""
"Nancy Johnson""""
"Rino Sinnclair"Constipation""
"Rachel Bell"Colic""
"Chas. Seamons"Constipation""
"Michal Pofu"Feb. Int.""
"Martha Jones"C. Rheumatism""
WednesdayFlora Singleton"Dysmenorrhoea13th16th
"Susanna Gadsden"C. Rheumatism""
"Simon Eden"Debility""
"Thomas Adkins"Absess""
"Matilda Jenkins"Constipation""
ThursdayMeshach Woods"Debility14th17th
"Abram RobisonFeb. Int.""
"Kate Wood"Catarrh""
"Wm WoodsFeb. Int.""
"Dora Fields"Constipation""
"Rodger FieldsFeb. Int.""
"Bounty Irvine"C. Rheumatism""
"Rino Irvine"Feb. Int.""
"Lucy Irvine"""
"Betsy Hamilton""""
"Nancy HamiltonCatarrh""
"Tena BryanA. Catarrh""
FridayJames Fripp"Feb. Int.""
"Peggy Fripp""""
"Tony ChaplinItch""
"Sarah ChaplinItch""
"Matilda Thomas"Debility""
"Sandy Mathews"Itch""
"Milly Jenkins"Debility""
"Nat JenkinsWorms""
"Lot Jenkin"Debility""
SaturdayAlex. WashingtonUlcers16th19th
"Lizebeth Rivers"Itch""
"Molly Holms"Colic""
"Mariah Roach"Amenorrhoea""
"Jemy Fripp"Ulcers""
"Frank PetersFeb. Int.""
"Tony Brown""""
"Jackson Brown"""
"Celia Brown"""
"Regenia Brown"""
"Lucias Brown"""
"Grace Eustis"Ulcers""
"Rose Brown"Colic""
"Saml HaywoodCatarrh""
"Geo. Green"Bronchitis""
"John Chaplin"Feb. Int.""
"Tyra Chaplin""""
"Grace Chaplin"""
"Hannah Bolton"Constipation""
"Betty Washington"Laryngitis""
SundaySaml HaywoodWorms17th20th
"Rose Haywood"Constipation""
"Sandy SimmonsColic""
MondayJacob Burton"Feb. Int.18th21st
"Mariah Burton""""
"Claricy William""""
"Flora Singleton""""
"Cinda AtkinsWorms""
"Flora Atkins"""
"Betty Washington"Bronchitis""
"Caroline SimmonsDebility""
"Paul MathewsItch""
"Pauly Mathews"""
"Phoeba Mathews""""
TuesdayPlenty Bennett"C. Rheumatism19th22d
"Betsy PopeJaundice""
"Mariah Jenkins"Catarrh""
"Friday Day"Debility""
"Mary DayWorms
TuesdayEllen DayWorms19th22d
"Wisc Miller"""
"Dianna Miller"""
"Cela SimmonsAmenorrhoea""
"Eduard Scott"Feb. Int.""
"Rose Scott""""
"Robert Scott"""
"Emeline Scott"""
"Hager Scott"""
"Elsey Barnwell""""
"Charlott Waite"Prolap. Uterus""
"Antony Eustis"Debility""
"Emeline Stuart"Liver Inf.""
"Cinderella SimpkinsFeb. Int.""
"Lydia Rivers"Bronchitis""
WednesdayNancy Simmons"Feb. Int.20th23d
"Nancy Washington"Bronchitis""
"Carolina Windsor"Debility""
"Stephen YoungItch""
"Rachel Bell"Colic""
"Chloe Bell"C. Rheumatism""
"Wm Gregory"Catarrh""
"Jno. Jackson"Debility""
ThursdayBetty Jenkins"Amenorrhoea21st24th
"Phoebe Swinton"C. Rheumatism""
"Mariah [Illegible]"Constipation""
"Sam Launs"Feb. Int.""
"Grace Greenwood"Debility""
"Holly Washington"Feb. Int.""
"Hettie King"Constipation""
"Stephen Jenkins"Boils""
"Eduard JenkinsWorms""
"Henry Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"Eliza Williams""""
"Smart Williams""""
"Rachel Green"""
"Onus Powell"Worms""
"Marion Powell"""
"Robin Seabrook"Bronchitis""
"Mary Ann Eustis"Rheumatism""
"Nat Simmons"Headache""
ThursdayPhillis Bramber"Debility21st24th
"Chloe Tomlison"Colic""
"Jany. Frazer"Feb. Int.""
"Gib. Snipe"Ulcers""
"Paris Simmons"Debility""
"Bella Atkins"Ulcers""
FridayLaura SimmonsFeb. Int.22d25th
"Sooky SimmonsCroup""
"Bino Campbell"Debility""
"Jacob Holms"Colic""
SaturdayMarcus NesbittColic23d26th
"London Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"Robbin Rivers""""
"Betty Simmons"""
"Cotton NesbittDebility""
"Bino Holm"Absess""
"Siby Black"Amenorrhoea""
"Sally Williams"Constipation""
"Eduard WilliamsWorms""
"Andrus Murry"Feb. Int.""
"Adeline FogesonWorms""
"Adam Fogeson"""
"Benj. Fogeson"""
"Bristor JonesFeb. Int.""
"Hercules Mutrie"C. Rheumatism""
"Sandy Cook"Feb. Int.""
"Cela Capers""""
"Nelly Middleton"Ulcers""
"Wm Boscott"Bronchitis""
SundayStephen WashingtonFeb. Int.24th27th
"Berry Washington""""
"Margret Rily"Catarrh""
"Primus RilyFeb. Int.""
MondayCloe Barnwell"Dismenorrhoea25th28th
"Harriet Singleton"Constipation""
"Maj. Williams"C. Rheumatism""
"March Gracy"Itch""
"Bino Gracy"Debility""
TuesdayRobert Frazer"A. Rheumatism26th29th
"Claricy William"Debility""
"Harry FlorenceOtorhoea""
"Hary Simmons"Absess""
"Jones Wigg"C. Rheumatism""
"Michal Wood"Bronchitis""
"Sandy Mathews"Itch""
"Molly WashingtonFeb. Int.""
"Daniel BrownDebility""
"Benj. Atkins"Colic""
"Sarah Frazer"Constipation""
"Rebecca MadesBurn""
"Jane Brown"Feb. Int.""
"Emma Brown""""
"Sam Mit[illegible]""""
"Aunt Flora"Debility""
"Morris Simmons"C. Rheumatism""
WednesdayLettie Biles"Amenorrhoea27th30th
"Harriet Biles"Feb. Int.""
"Abram Fowler"Itch""
"Annie Gott"Debility""
"Lucy Robison"Constipation""
"Elsey Washington"Debility""
"Betsey PohlJandice""
"Bess Washington"Old Age""
"Josh Morgan"Diarrhoea""
ThursdayBenj. Singleton"Feb. Int.28thDec. 1st
"Clara Bell"C. Rheum.""
"Flora Jenkins"Debility""
"Rino Brown"Feb. Int.""
"Geo. Boyd"""
"Bristow Eddy""""
"Katy Eddy"""
"Charlott Eddy"""
"Annie Robison""""
"Israel Jay"Worms""
"Stephey Robison"A. Bronchitis""
"Suson Robison"Burn""
"Isaac Robison"Feb. Int.""
"Frank Jenkins""""
FridayDora Middleton"Debility29th2d
"Kimber Middleton"Feb. Int.""
"Kit Jenkins"A. Bronchitis""
"Thos. Watson"Feb. Int.""
"Martha Lucus"Constipation""
SaturdayJoseph Grath"Feb. Int.30th3d
"Elizabeth Graham""""
"Amanda Jennett""""
"Davie Jennett"""
"Clara William"Constipation""
"Willis EnosWorms""
"Nellie Timons"""
SundayAntony Draton"Feb. Int.December 1st4th
"Jane Drayton""""
"Sandy Drayton"""
"Alx Drayton"Colic""
"Becca Mutrie"Feb. Int.""
MondayDaphny Thomas"Debility2d5th
"Mariah Mutrie"Ulcers""
"Myers Thomas"Feb. Int.""
TuesdayElmire Cooks""""
"Plenty Bennett""""
"David Brown"Itch""
"Tyra Brown""""
"Wilson GrantFeb. Int.""
"Molly Grant"Iretis""
"Benj. Atkins"Ulcers""
"Mimber Atkins"Absess""
"Katy Graceing"Debility""
"Celia GraceingWorms""
"Sarah Taylor"Feb. Int.""
"Frank Taylor"""
"Rose Haywood"Scrofula""
"Lucy Mutrie"Absess""
"Betsey Bennett"Feb. Int.""
"Handy Johnson"""
"Sandy Johnson"""
"James RobisonConstipation""
TuesdayLucy HugginsFeb. Int.2d5th
"Charlott Huggins"""
"Katy DubellAbsess""
"Sam Dudly"Feb. Int.""
"Mary Linn"Catarrh""
"Minty A LaueranceCatarrh""
"Dianna Powell"Itch""
"Margrett Pinkny"Feb. Int.""
"Cuffy Frederick"Iretis""
"Peter Watson"Catarrh""
"Affy Cashman"Conjunctivitis""
"Jane CashmanConstipation""
WednesdayDina Mitchel"Debility4th7th
"Hary Washington"Neuralgia""
"Wm BrownFeb. Int.""
"Moly Brown"""
"Robert Brown""""
"Patience Brown"""
"Millie Pinkney""""
"Sarah Polite"Amenorrhoea""
"Ellen BlankWorms""
"Tom Weber"Feb. Int.""
ThursdayMilly Dennis""5th8th
"Caroline Simmons"Catarrh""
"Rachel Bell"Amenorrhoea""
"Mrs Pope"Debility""
"Franklin Pope"Debility""
"Robert Pope"Itch""
"Lucind Huggins"Feb. Int.""
"Chas Huggins"""
"Peter Pinkny"Constipation""
"Robert TruettScrofula""
"Tamer Truitt"Syphillis""
FridayMajor Williams"Cystitis6th9th
"Minty Myers"Constipation""
"Eduard WilliamsCatarrh""
"Edwin Chislom"""
"Toney Major"Feb. Int.""
"Jennie Mitchell""""
"Thos Williams"Constipation""
"Geo. Wood"Feb. Int.""
FridayHercules Mutrie"C. Rheumatism6th9th
SaturdayJames Bryun"L. Wound7th10th
"Lucy Mutrie"Absess""
"Washington Jane"Constipation""
"Silvy Rivers"Debility""
"Jamson Bymon"Feb. Int.""
"Ham Bryan""""
"Rebecca Brown"Debility""
"Bob Jenkins"Iretis""
"Tyra Mitchell"Bronchitis C.""
SundayMariah Jenkins"C. Rheumatism8th11th
"Tyra Mutrie"Debility""
"Jos. Latson"Feb. Int.""
"Rino Singleton"Constipation""
"Nancy Johnson"Debility""
"Child EmelyCatarrh""
MondayHiram Mitchell"Debility9th12th
"Henry HaywoodCatarrh""
"Catherin Haywood"Feb. Int.""
"Dick Haywood""""
TuesdaySarah Johnson""10th13th
"Rino Shivers""""
"Nancy Haywood"Iretis""
"Lucy Mutrie"Catarrh""
"Harriet Pope"Amenorrhoea""
"Mary Windsor"Dismenorrhoea""
"Elsey Rivers"Colic""
"Ailsey William"Constipation""
"Hattie Jenkins"Itch""
"Susan Grant"Catarrh""
"Claricy WallaceFeb. Int.""
"Jos Brown"Itch""
"Jennie Major"Debility""
"Bery Washington"Bronchitis""
"Martha Locust"A. Rheumatism""
"Mariah Washington"A. Rheumatism""
"Bella WayConvulsion""
"Benj. Smith"Boils""
WednesdayC. Samson"Feb. Int.11th14th
WednesdayToby Fany"Contusion11th14th
"David Simmons"C. Rheumatism""
"Eliza SimmonsColic""
"Jimy Robison"Epilepsy""
"Nero RhodesFeb. Int.""
"Hary Washington"Bronchitis A.""
"Sandy WashingtonColic""
"Reno Hamilton"Feb. Int.""
"Tamer Reese""""
"Cyrus Reese"C. Rheumatism""
"Hagor Saunders"Catarrh""
"Mary Brown"Colic""
"Amos Brown"Ulcers""
"Harriet Singleton"Feb. Int.""
"Paul MathewsAbsess""
"Ellen Johnson"Neuralgia""
"Tyra Mutrie"Debility""
ThursdayJos. Green""12th15th
"Matilda Drayton"Neuralgia""
"Bpl. Hann"Constipation""
"Titus Fripp"FractureRemarks"
"Christian Sumpter"Congest. Fever12th"
FridayEllen Williams"Comsumption13th16th
"Tom Dayton"Debility""
"Julia SaxtonDiarrhoea""
"Dina FrippWorms""
"Sally CoffinFeb. Int.""
"Geo. Boyd"""
"Molly Fields"Dismenorrhoea""
"Daniel WilliamsFeb. Int.""
"Millie Murry"""
SaturdayChristian SumpterConges. Fever14th17th
"Daphny SmallA. Rheumatism""
"Phillis SheruberFeb. Int.""
"Mariah Brown"Catarrh""
"Bagoss Mitchell"Feb. Int.""
"Sandy Tergton"""
"Sam Small"C. Rheumatism""
"Member Adkins"Absess""
"Murry Haywood"Debility""
SundayWm Boskett"Infl. Liver15th17th
"Flora WatsonColic""
"[Illegible]ina Frazer"Feb. Int.""
"Betty Frazer"""
"Thos Frazer"""
"Celia Simmons"Constipation""
MondayGeoanne Polite"Amenorrhoea16th"
"Charlott Polite"Amenorrhoea""
"Siby TaylorFeb. Int.""
"Bella GadsdenAbsess""
"Thos. Sinclare"Feb. Int.""
"Bob Bynum""""
"Betty Jenkins""""
"Herculas Blake"Constipation""
"Rachel Bell""""
"Cela Brian"Neuralgia""
"James TaylorMeasles""
"Sarah Taylor"C. Rheumatism""
"Biny White"Feb. Int.""
"Daphny Eustis"Debility""
"Becey Stuard"Dismenorrhoea""
TuesdayDaniel BrownDebility17th"
"Ned Simmons"Feb. Int.""
"James Simmons"""
"Emma Simmons"""
"Henry Simmons""""
"Harriet Pope""""
"Jane Brown""""
"Geo. Gadsden""""
"Harry Simmons"C. Rheumatism""
"Cela Washington""""
"Susy Fields"Colic""
"Fernands Fields"Constipation""
"Molly Fields"Dismenorrhoea""

Source Citation

“South Carolina, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, 1865-1872,” images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Hopkins Turnout (acting assistant surgeon) > images 35 to 69 of 69; citing NARA microfilm publication M1910 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.).

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